Salmon Super Highway Project Webinar (Trout Unlimited). December 19, 2023.

Register here: Webinars | Joint Committee on Fisheries Engineering and Science, 1 pm EST

Salmon SuperHwys are the interconnected networks of rivers, streams, creeks, and wetlands that together connect the mountains to the ocean, communities to nature, and people to fish. They absorb storms, deliver water, and distribute fish and nutrients throughout entire landscapes of the Pacific Coast. Much of the identity, community and economy of coastal Oregon is built around its Salmon SuperHwys.

In this webinar we will address how this project came to be, and what we have accomplished since we started removing barriers in 2014.

The Salmon SuperHwy project is an unprecedented effort to restore access to almost 180 miles of blocked habitat throughout six major salmon & steelhead rivers of Oregon’s North Coast. Using a strategic, scaled approach to maximize benefits and minimize costs, a unique, community partnership will deliver a portfolio of 93 projects. Their completion will reconnect historic habitat, reduce chronic flooding, improve recreation opportunities, and stimulate the local economy, both now and for the future.

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