Volunteer & Training Opportunities

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Alberta’s Native Trout: the Alberta Native Trout Collaborative is a group of partner organizations working to advance native trout recovery in Alberta via cumulative effects analysis, habitat restoration, restoration stocking, land use planning, watershed and fish population assessments, and public education.

Cows and Fish: Cows and Fish empowers people who live, work, and play in Alberta’s riparian areas to take action to care for riparian areas.

Trout Unlimited: TU chapters and volunteers are action-oriented and are involved in conservation education, stream rehabilitation, habitat restoration and habitat protection across Canada. 

Regional Fisheries Training:

Natural Resources Training Group (NRTG): Natural Resources Training Group was created to address the need for qualified natural resource technicians and professionals. We develop and deliver applied and specialized courses to provide students with essential and in-demand knowledge and practical skills training.

School of Fish: School of Fish provides technical skills in fish identification (Field Guides and Workshops) for species in Alberta and Saskatchewan.