Freshwater Fisheries in Canada [Book Release]

Freshwater Fisheries in Canada: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Resources and Their Management. Edited by Caleb T. Hasler, Jack G. Imhof, Nicholas E. Mandrak, and Steven J. Cooke.

This book is designed to follow a logical arc beginning with an overview of the Canadian landscape and the zoogeography and status of freshwater fish populations. Next, the book brings together reports on fisheries from across Canada—either at the provincial or regional scale (as dictated largely by ecoregion; e.g., the North, the Laurentian Great Lakes). Then, a number of issues and threats are presented that are useful in revealing the challenges and opportunities that exist for ensuring that freshwater fish populations are healthy and vibrant. We conclude with some reflective contributions, including short essays from some legendary fisheries professionals in Canada as well as a forward-looking piece by some early-career fisheries professionals. Taken together, this book will serve as a resource for those interested in learning about the past, present, and future of freshwater fishes and fisheries in Canada.

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