President’s Message: May 2010

Hello all,

The interim excom will be holding an online election for the new Chapter excom in the upcoming weeks. The elected excom would take office in September 2010 to coincide with the annual AFS meeting.

From now to May 14, we will be asking the membership to provide nominations (including self-nominations), which should be seconded by one other person. Members seeking election must be active AFS members, and should be able to attend meetings out of province.  We are encouraging nominations from throughout the range of the Chapter.

Note that nominators of candidates for the four offices – President, Vice-President, Secretary-treasurer and Newsletter Editor/Communications Officer – must agree to accept the nomination and provide that statement of agreement to the chair of the nominating committee.

Dr. Bill Franzin has kindly offered to chair the nominating committee, so please contact him at [email protected] with your nominations. Please provide a short (less than one page) biography of the nominee. Once we have all the candidate bios, they will be posted to the MCC website for all to read.

We will hold the nominations open until May 14 and then send out the slate of candidates to the membership with a two week window to vote. Your votes can be provided to Dr. Franzin by email and he will tally them and report the results on May 28.

Please note that you need to be an active MCC and AFS member to vote, hold office, or chair a committee in the Chapter.

Please feel free to contact myself or any member of the interim excom if you have any questions or comments.

Best regards,

Maureen Forster, M.Sc.

Interim President, Mid-Canada Chapter

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